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Upcoming Speaker Programme and Feedback - UPDATED

Dorothie Jones

25 Feb 2025

Questionnaire Attached

Tuesday Club Meetings: Summer/Wnter Programme

June 25th Flo Garvey "Planting for Honey bees" (in the Hall)

July/August Summer break

Sept 24th Clive de Bruyn "Beekeeping Mistakes" (in the Hall)

Oct 22nd Bee Keepers Question Time

Nov 26th AGM

December No Meeting

Jan 28th Professor Tom Seeley on 'Natural Beekeeping' (Zoom)

Feb 25th Professor David Evans (aka The Apiarist) on ' The Nucleus Option' (Zoom)

Please see the attached questionnaire regarding our club meetings. This can be filled in electronically and emailed to or printed off and brought to the next club meeting. We value your opinion!

Programme questionnaire
Download PDF • 289KB

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