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The Chalfonts Beekeepers’ Society has a comprehensive training programme covering all levels of beekeeping from Beginners to more advanced beekeeping husbandry techniques.

Practical Courses

Taster Session

Beginners Course

Developing Beekeeping Skills

Bucks County Microscopy Group

We also follow the BBKA Education System for both written study and husbandry assessments. More information about the BBKA exams and assessments can be found in the Members

area of the BBKA website:

To become a Master Beekeeper candidates need to have passed all the written modules and both the General and Advanced Husbandry Assessments; candidates are considered to be knowledgeable in their craft as Master Beekeepers.


The Society runs Module Study Groups over the winter for those wishing to undertake further written study and collaborates with the Bucks County Beekeepers Association for more advanced practice of the Husbandry Assessment techniques.


Please contact the Education Secretary for more information:

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