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Developing Beekeeping Skills Course

This course is aimed at new beekeepers who have been keeping bees for less than two years or more experienced beekeepers who feel they need a refresher.  

  It covers:

  • More advanced techniques such as the Bailey Comb Change, Shook swarm and also teaches a reliable method of artificial swarming.  

  • Later in the season there will be a session on extracting honey and the various ways of presenting honey either as runny honey in a jar or cut comb sections.

  • An apiary visit where some of the more practical aspects will be demonstrated and you'll have the chance to question the experts. How to inspect the hive, the use of smoke, preparing the bees for travel, how to introduce a new queen and uniting hives are some of the topics covered.

  • Towards the end of the year there will be a session on winter preparation to ensure that the bees get through the winter.


 Contact our Education Secretary for more details

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