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Honey Ferments!

Dorothie Jones

28 Apr 2023

Notes from the April Meeting

April Meeting: Notes from the Floor

This month’s club meeting was rather different than usual.

A hands-on practical session lead by Angela Kirk on how to make Honey Ferments.


The evening was well-attended with 24 members able to take part in the practical plus another dozen or so able to watch and learn. Apologies to anyone who was unable to take part, there just wasn’t any more room in the sports hall!


First of all we tasted some of Angela’s home-made mead, honey gin, vodka and rum..although only in small amounts! We then tasted some ferments she had made, with various fruits and spices.

She then explained the principals and practicalities of fermenting by wild yeasts and the various uses of ferments in the kitchen for everything from dressings and sauces to flavourings and even rose-hip syrup for sore throats!


Members then set about making their own. Chopping up ginger, garlic, pomegranate and an assortment of other fruits, vegetables and spices. There were enough jars to make 2-3 each.

Honey was then added to the jars and the lids put on.

The atmosphere in the hall was filled with a variety of aromas!


The ferments taken home need to be stirred daily and left for a minimum of 2 weeks, preferably longer. We look forward to hearing how members’ ferments have turned out, so please let us know how you got on and send us your photos. Email our programme organiser Fran Barham on


Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening as there was much chatter and laughter all round.


Angela had prepared a detailed handout for the session, which you can read and download via this link.

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