The Honey Show

The Chalfonts Beekeepers' host their annual Honey Show at the Chalfonts St Giles Village Fete, which is traditionally held on the first Saturday in September every year.

This the opportunity for every member to showcase their hive products; whether it's runny honey, wax candles or something else!

There is a class for novices, those who haven't entered the Show before, for both honey and candles. In both experienced and novice classes we have the 'black jar' honey class, where the jar is covered with a sleeve, so it's anonymous and the honey is judged solely on flavour and aroma.

If there are over 100 entries the qualified judge is able to award the prestigious Blue Ribbon to the Best Exhibit in the Show.

The Show is a good opportunity to learn and then go on to enter the Bucks Honey Show and following that the National Honey Show.

To find the schedule and the rules for the Chalfonts Beekeepers Honey Show follow this LINK

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