Remote Hive Monitor

Unfortunately the Hive Monitor system has stopped working and so far we have been unable to restart it.  At this time of year, when we are unable to open the hives, it would have been interesting to see the temperature and weight of them. We are working with the supplier to try and fix the problem.  

Chalfont Beekeepers Society has purchased a Remote Beehive Monitoring System for 2 hives at the training apiary. The system was bought from and installed during the summer of 2020.

The system consists of:

  • GSM Gateway with Solar Panel - this unit collects data from all monitoring devices in the apiary. The information is sent via the 2G mobile phone network and can be viewed on a web site or mobile phone app. The solar panel charges the internal battery of the GSM unit.

  • Hive Heart Monitor – this is positioned on the frame top bars above the brood and monitors,

    •  Hive Humidity and Temperature

    •  Frequency and Amplitude of the sounds made by bees

    • Loss of queen

    • Swarming

  • Hive Weight Monitor – this is positioned under the hive floor and monitors,

    • Weight of the hive up to 200Kg

    • Outdoor temperature

    • Outdoor humidity

    • Estimated number of flying bees.


We have fitted a Hive Heart Monitor and Hive Weight Monitor on 2 hives in the apiary, Hive 1 and Hive 2. The graphs created from the data collected are displayed below.


If you want to discuss any aspect of the system or the data collected then please use the Chalfonts Beekeepers Society website Forum,

Hive 1
Hive 2