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Club Apiary Open for Business!

Dorothie Jones

Come One Come All!

In the next 2/3 weeks our new beekeepers from this year's course will be coming up to the Amersham Apiary. Hopefully they will soon be able to open some hives and see some actual !! This of course all depends on the weather !!

Just a reminder that our Teaching Apiary is for everybody, not just our new beginners. Maybe you did the course last year but haven't yet got your bees. Or maybe you did but would still like a reminder of what you learnt. It's easy to forget everything over the winter!

Also, more experienced beeks might still want a 'refresher' or to learn something new or help solving a problem.

The apiary is open to all on Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout the season.

However: We do need to know you are coming to ensure someone is there for you, so if you are thinking of paying us a visit, please let Jim know in advance on

Please bring your own clean beesuit if you already have one, otherwise we have suits to borrow.

Offers to help up at the apiary are always welcome, you will learn a lot!

See you there!

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