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A Shop Window Display for the National Honey Show

Dorothie Jones

30 Sept 2023

Creative People Wanted!

Fiona Matheson, our Club Honey Show organiser, would like Chalfonts Beekeepers to enter a Special Centenary Class at this year’s National Honey Show at Sandown Park, in October. (See


The brief is as follows:


A Shop Window Display.


Class description


Honey (extracted & comb), Beeswax Candles and Blocks. This is a Class for Associations and Groups, not individuals. Honey and candles to be labelled with the exhibitor’s own labels. (Mead is not permitted). Decorative materials are acceptable. The area allocated for each display is 600mm(d) x 1200mm(w) x 1600mm(h). To be judged for quality and sales appeal.


Guidance notes


A Shop Window Display. Honey (extracted & comb), Beeswax Candles and Blocks. See photos on pages 3 and 11 of the Schedule ( which is downloadable here:

This is for Beekeeping Associations and Branches to enter. A shop window display is different from the Class 16 display, it is viewed from the front only. Extracted honey is to be exhibited in any type and size of clear, colourless, commercially obtainable glass or plastic container. Comb honey should be in commercial packaging. Decorative materials may be used. The area for these displays will be against a panel, which can be used to pin or glue things to or used as a backdrop for your display. We hope associations and groups will support this class. All products must be labelled for sale but can be from many individuals. Displays can have a theme if you wish.


So we need to create a ‘shop window’ display of different honeys, honeycomb and wax in different decorative containers etc


If you have creative talents and would like to get involved, we have volunteers who can supply containers, honey, wax etc and can assemble, but Fiona would love someone with ‘ideas’ to help bring it all together


If you would like to be involved in this exciting project then you can email Fiona on


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