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Auction Terms & Conditions




  1. The Auction of Bees and Beekeeping Equipment is being organised by the Chalfonts Beekeepers’ Society, acting solely as agent between the buyer and seller.

  2. Items eligible for sale may include (i) live bees (ii) beekeeping equipment & related items and (iii) gardening tools & apiary maintenance equipment.

  3. All items should be serviceable and clean and sterilised appropriately.  

  4. Drawn comb in any form will not be accepted for sale. Should any be delivered, it will be disposed of by the Auctioneer.

  5. Neither Chalfonts Beekeepers Society, the Auctioneer or any member of the Committee will accept any responsibility for any loss, damage, injury, illness or accident whatsoever, occurring before, during or after the Auction, unless caused by their own personal negligence.  PLEASE DO NOT BRING SMALL CHILDREN.  WE CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR SAFETY.


  1. Lots should be registered for auction by Saturday 20th April 2024 by completing and submitting the Sellers Registration Form, which may be downloaded from Chalfonts Beekeepers Society website at, to Steve Troll at

  2. We may be able to accept late entries, but this will be at our absolute discretion.  Late entries may not appear in the catalogue.

  3. The signature of the seller on the registration form confirms that the seller agrees to abide by these terms and conditions and any directions or decisions of the Auctioneer and auction officials without reservation.

  4. Commission will be charged to the seller at 10% of the hammer price.  No commission is charged to the buyer or on any unsold lots.

Delivery of items for sale:

  1. Please contact Bill Fisher by telephone on 07973 626464 at least 2 weeks before the auction if you wish to sell live bees to make arrangements for them to be delivered to the auction site and inspected.

  2. Live bees must be delivered to the auction site by 9:00 on the morning of the sale.  All other items must be received no later than 10:30 am.

  3. All goods to be auctioned must be accompanied by a completed Sellers Registration Form.

  4. Any lots of live bees must also be accompanied by an original Live Bees Entry form, signed by the seller and containing the following details:​

    1. Seller’s name, address, telephone number, and email address.

    2. Indication if the nuc box or hive is to be sold with the bees, or if not, stating the deposit required.  Unless otherwise indicated, it will be assumed that the box or hive is included in the sale.

  5. The bees must be transported to the sale and kept in a bee tight container indelibly marked with the seller’s postcode and telephone number and fitted with an effective wire mesh ventilated screen securely attached to the container.  The colonies will be inspected on the day of the sale by an appointed experienced beekeeper to ascertain the state of the colony, and its suitability for sale.  Any lot not complying with these requirements will not be accepted for sale.

  6. No bees are to be released or opened up before, during or after the sale. 

  7. The seller is responsible for ensuring the bees are properly looked after (have adequate space and ventilation, are shaded, sprayed with water etc) until sold; immediately thereafter the buyer is responsible. 

  8. The Auctioneer has the right to refuse entry of any lots of bees or equipment without giving any reasons for doing so.

Buying at the Auction

  1. A catalogue of items for sale will be available on Saturday 20th April 2024 from the CBKS website.

  2. A limited number of printed copies will be available on the day, subject to availability.

  1. On sale day, viewing will be from 1:00 pm. for inspection of items in the auction.

  2. Viewing may be limited in some sections of the auction whilst the auction is in progress.

  3. Every care will be taken to describe the lots accurately in the catalogue, but all lots are sold ‘as seen’ and neither we nor anyone other than the seller will take any responsibility for any error, mistake or omission made in connection with the catalogue or the Auction sale.   Nothing said by us or by any of our members will be deemed a guarantee of the value or worth of the lots sold.  We will not enter into any arbitration on behalf of the buyer should there be any form of dispute with the seller at any time. 

  4. Bees for sale may not be on site and their sale may be 'subject to satisfactory inspection' if the prevailing weather has prevented independent pre-inspection by an appropriately experienced beekeeper. Hives will not be opened on the day, but a description of the bees, size of colony, age, history of queen, etc. will be available.

  5. If the nuc box or hive is not included in the sale price, buyers of live bees will need to ensure they have suitable equipment to transfer the bees into.



  1. In order to bid, you must register for a Buyer’s Number at the registration desk, giving your full name, address and phone number, and pay a fee of £1.00, which is non-refundable but will be credited against the cost of any purchases. Only one bidder’s card will be issued to any individual for the full duration of the sale, and will not be re-issued under any circumstances. This Card must be surrendered at the payment desk on settlement of your account at the end of the auction.

  2. Before bidding on an item, make sure that you have checked the item, making yourself fully aware of any faults that there may be.  It is recommended that you bring a tape measure to check sizes of hive equipment.

  3. Bidding on an item will commence when the auctioneer has announced the lot number of that item along with a brief description.

  4. To bid, raise your bidder number in the air clearly so that the auctioneer can see.

  5. Bids will normally be in steps of not less than £1.00 and bids will not be accepted without showing a bidder’s card to the auctioneer’s assistant on concluding a successful bid.

  6. The Auctioneer will have the right to accept or reject any bid, and in the case of any dispute the Auctioneer’s decision is final. 

  7. Lots become the property of the buyer at the drop of the hammer. Unsold lots and lots failing to reach their reserve price remain the responsibility of the seller.

  8. All sales transactions, other than those carried out by an authorised equipment supplier, must be carried out via the official Auctioneer.  We reserve the right to charge commission if we become aware of private transactions taking place on the auction site.


Payment & Collection:

  1. Once bidding is complete, payment for successful purchases of one or more lots is made at the payment desk.  Payment must be made on the day of the sale, before lots can be removed.

  2. Payment methods – Payment by card only, no cash or cheques

  3. No lots may be removed from the auction site without a copy of the purchase receipt form issued by the auction office, after payment has been made, for all of the lots bought by any individual bidder. For security reasons, all lots leaving the auction will be checked against the purchase receipt.  Small items will be retained by the auction stewards and will be released at the end of the sale on production of the payment receipt form bearing the appropriate lot number.

  4. You must give your payment receipt to an available porter in the auction area by 5:00pm.  They will collect your items for you and sign them out of the auction house.   You must not collect the items yourself.

  5. Live bees can only collected from the auction site on the day following the auction.  Please contact Bill Fisher to arrange time.

  6. To retrieve unsold goods, an “unsold lot” notice must be obtained from a cashier and presented to a porter.  Sellers must remove any unsold items from the auction site by 5:00 pm. on the day of the auction.   Any lots left on site after this time may be disposed of, and we reserve the right to levy a minimum disposal charge of £25. 

  7. We will make payment to successful sellers as soon as possible after the event by Direct BACS transfer to the account details provided by the seller on their Sellers Registration Form.   No other method is possible. No cash payments and no cheques.


Useful Info, Links & Key Timings

•            The Auction Secretary’s email address:

•            Chalfonts Beekeepers Society website:-

•            Register goods to be sold by: 20th April 2024

•            Catalogue available on-line by: 20th April 2024, with final version by 25th April 2024

•            Auction location: The Old Farmhouse, Farm Road, Chorleywood WD3 5QB

•            Viewing from: 12 noon on Saturday 27th April 2024

•            Auction Commences: 2.00pm on Saturday 27th April 2024

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