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    Do you have experience of cPanel website hosting and email, WordPress and its plugins and themes, Google’s Drive and Calendar and MailChimp?

    If so then perhaps yu’d like to take on the administration of this website and associated technology for the Society?

    Our constitution states that all Committee members must stand down after serving 10 years.  Derek Atkinson has been looking after our website for almost  10 years and so it is time for him to pass on the responsibility to someone new as his term will end at the end of August.

    You’ll need to be proposed and seconded at the AGM, and then a vote will be taken to elect you to the Committee.

    If you’d like to be considered please speak with the Committee or send a message to Gillian, our Secretary.

  • Asian Hornet Alert! - NNSS Data Sheet

    The UK’s Non-Native Species Secretariat have published a data sheet on the Asian Hornet.  Click here to download a copy.  There are additional links to further information on the Asian Hornet in the reference section at the foot of the data sheet.

    More information can be found on the Non-Native Species website, click here.


Welcome to the Chalfonts Beekeepers Society.

The Chalfonts Beekeepers Society is associated to the British Beekeepers Association via the Bucks County Beekeepers Association.  We are also active within The National Honey Show.  You can find more details about these organisations and their events by clicking on their logos below to be taken to their websites.

Chalfonts Beekeepers' Diary

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Come and Join Us - Newcomers Always Welcome

  • Newsletters

    You’ll find our newsletters are full of knowledge about bees and skills in their management.

    Gwyn and Fiona, your newsletter Editors, are always hungry for great articles and pictures for our newsletter. If you’d like to write about your beekeeping experiences please get in touch with them via our Contact Us page.

  • Meetings

    We are an active group, with a regular schedule of monthly meeting, plus apiary visits.  Each month we have a guest speaker who can speak from  position of knowledge of bees and beekeeping.  Come and join us at any of our Diary Dates.

  • Beeginners' Course

    If you’re interested in learning more about bees or becoming a beekeeper then you my like to consider attending our course.  Details here -> Beginners Course.   Please contact our Education Secretary via the Contact Us page.

A Bit of History About Us and What We Do

The society was founded from the members of Slough Beekeepers in 1976 with the aim of providing a beekeeping society in the Chalfonts. The aim of the society is to promote the craft of beekeeping, publicise its benefits in the local community, and to foster co-operation between local beekeepers. It has been supporting and promoting beekeeping in the Chalfonts for 30 years.

From it small beginnings the society has grown to an active group of beekeepers with over 100 members. Society members have over 250 hives in the area, housing more than 12 million bees at the height of summer, ensuring pollination of fruit bushes and trees, vegetable crops and flowers. Local honey can be found for sale in delicatessens, butchers, health food shops and other shops in the area as well as at local shows during the summer. It is believed to offer a natural remedy against hay fever.

The society also provides a service to the community by giving talks, exhibitions and providing a honey bee swarm removal service.

Our Past President Bill Fisher Explains Cut Comb and Ross Round