Do you have Honey For Sale?


30 May 2022

If you have honey or other hive products for sale at events, this is how to go about it:-

Either contact our new honey co-ordinator Tanvir Mukhtar.

She will arrange for you deliver to her at an agreed time and place.

Or you can deliver directly to the event in advance of stall opening.

With your goods you will need to supply the following written information:-

  • Your name and contact details (email and/or phone)

  • Label name

  • Description of items– eg Honey Runny or Set, Honeycomb, Wax Wraps etc

  • Weight where appropriate.

  • Number of jars etc of each product/weight.

Jars must be labelled correctly according to the Honey Regulations 2015.

An easier to follow guide may be found here:-

They must be clean and dry, not sticky or dusty and within their best before date.

We reserve the right to reject any unsuitable items on the day.

At the end of the event, Tanvir will collect unsold jars and take them for storage until the next event. We will count how many jars each member has sold and work out how much you are owed. 10% will go to the club. This year’s prices are below.

Honey (Runny or Set)

1 1b £8.00

12 oz £6.50

8 oz £5.00

Chunk 1lb £10.00

Cut comb and other products, individually priced.

You can liaise with Tanvir regarding supply of more honey for the next event.

You may collect your own unsold jars if you wish however,

Please do not remove them before the end of the day as this is confusing for the selling team.

In a change from previous years and to minimise the strain on our reduced management team, payment will be arranged twice during the season. Once after the Feast of St Peter and once after the last fete. This will be by BACS into your bank account.

If you want to know how your sales are going then please contact

Dorothie Jones