The Route to Master Beekeeper

The BBKA have developed a system of written examinations and assessment routes, designed to help beekeepers understand more about their bees and develop their beekeeping skills.

The written examinations:

  • Module 1 Honey Bee Management

  • Module 2 Honey Bee Products and Forage

  • Module 3 Honey Bee Pests, diseases and Poisoning

  • Module 5 Honey Bee Biology

  • Module 6 Honey Bee Behaviour

  • Module 7 Selection and Breeding of Honey Bees

  • Module 8 Honey Bee Management, Health and History

The practical assessments:

  • Basic

  • General Husbandry

  • Advanced Husbandry

Holders of both the Advanced Husbandry Certificate and  the Advanced Theory Certificate are Master Beekeepers.


  • Bee Heath Certificate

  • Bee Breeding Certificate

  • Microscopy

  • Show Judge

If you'd like to know more about the BBKA education system please visit the BBKA member's area, to access the Examinations and Assessments section.

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