Training Apiary

The Chalfonts Beekeepers' Association runs an apiary near Hyde Heath, primarily for those new to beekeeping. We meet regularly on a Wednesday and Saturday morning. Our training sessions are designed to give new beekeepers the experience of handling bees and use techniques and equipment to manage the bees in a controlled and safe manner. But if you are at a more advanced stage  and wish to refresh your memory on a specific topic or action then please get in touch or attend one of our sessions.

To enable a new beekeeper to get practical experience of working with different types of hive and sizes of frames, we keep our bees in a number of different hive styles, including, National, Commercial, Deep National, WBC and Top Bar Hives. 

We limit the number of visitors to the apiary at any one time to ensure that the training session is run safely and that small groups clustered around the hive can participate and see clearly the details of the bees in action on the frames. We always try to run sufficient training sessions to meet the demand for any advertised topics.  


If you wish to visit the apiary please email the apiary manager: Apiary Visits