Wasps and Hornets

Don’t you just love them?  No!  Neither do we.  Wasps and Hornets pose a threat to Honey Bees so they aren’t welcomed in the apiary by the beekeeper.

If you have a problem with wasps or hornets then you need to contact a competent pest control contractor.  Our recommendation is Paul Bryant of A Bee Pest Control.  Paul, a member of our society, works with other beekeepers to rehome honey bees, but he i more than happy to help you with an infestation of wasps.

Paul Bryant, A Bee Pest Control

Mobile: 07734 299117

LoCall: 0845 034 4918

When they're gone, they're gone

Wasp Bane – The Complete Wasp Removal Product

If you find that they are a regular problem then you could try a Wasp Bane, trusted by beekeepers to get rid of wasps in the apiary without harming the bees.

Wasp Bane is available from Amazon.






BWARS (Bees, Wasps, Ants Recording Society) have more information that may interest you.  Click Here to go to their site in a new window.