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Each month we produce a newsletter for our members.  We announce it to our subscribed members by an email.  You can also read our newsletters here, including a full archive of all electronic versions.

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We’re always interested in articles that you’d like to write about your beekeeping experience.  Please send them to our Newsletter Editor via the Contact Us page.

 H A V I N G   P R O B L E M S   R E A D I N G   T H E   N E W S L E T T E R S  ?

We use Google Drive as the cloud based storage, and the files are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

We routinely check that the files are readable, using all of the following:

  • Windows with Firefox
  • Windows with Chrome
  • Windows with Safari
  • Windows with Internet Explorer
  • Mac with Safari
  • Mac with Firefox
  • iPad with Safari
  • iPad with Chrome

In all cases we are using the latest versions available from the download locations.

Depending on the software already loaded on your computer you may need to load the following applications.  If you are not familiar with doing this please ask a friend or family member to help you:

Adobe Acrobat Reader, to open and read the newsletter PDF files

Google Chrome Browser, and then copy/past the link from the newsletter to the Chrome Browser.

You may also need to open an account with Google, and then add the email address that you receive our emails to your Google account where it says “Your current email address”

In a small number of cases we have found that individual’s computers may need to be looked at by a competent person to diagnose why you can not open these files.  Please ask one of your friends or family for assistance if you still experience problems.  We’re sorry but the Committee can’t offer personal help as we are beekeepers, not computer experts.