How to sign up to Facebook

These instructions may look lengthy, but I have added pictures of what your computer screen will show at each step to help you.  It is a simple process with Facebook prompting you each step of the way.  It will probably take less than 10 minutes to set up.

1.       Search for Facebook on Google (or your preferred search engine) and click on “Welcome to Facebook” and complete the “Sign Up” details, example below.  (Alternatively you can enter in the address bar at the top of your internet page.

2.       Type in the security check words.   If you can’t read them, click on “Try a different word or in audio” .

3.       Click skip this next step.

4.       Fill in your details – only as much as you want to though.

Then click save and continue.

5.       If you want your picture on your profile page, then click the upload profile picture.

You don’t have to put a photo.   If you do, it doesn’t have to be of yourself, I have seen pictures of beehives, landscapes, flowers, dogs, cats, etc.  (Please note: general public will see your picture, I suggest you don’t put pictures of your children / grandchildren…)

6.       Facebook will send you an email to complete the process.  Open the email and click on the link.

You may be asked for a confirmation code – follow the instructions if you do.  (I’ve not had that request whenever I’ve helped set up an account.)

7.       Click on Privacy Settings and change to “Friends only”, “Apply these settings”

8.       Then your Facebook page is ready to go!

9.       But wait … one more very important step!   You need to link to Chalfonts Beekeepers facebook page..

10.   Type Chalfonts Beekeepers at the top of the page and click on the magnifying glass icon on the right of the box.

11.   Chalfonts Beekeepers Society will probably be the top one.  Click on that

12.   And “Add as friend”

13.   You will get a confirmation that you have been added – then you can add information to the page to share amongst members,

14.   If you have any problems, please email me by clicking this link  and leave me a contact number, I will talk you through it.

Enjoy using Facebook!