Modules – Ongoing Education

The BBKA have an extensive range of additional learning opportunities, some with OPTIONAL examinations.  A summary can be found here, and on the BBKA web site.

The BeeCraft team at have prepared this graphical summary.

BBKA Examinations Structure

One of the resources is a series of modules, tackling what a Beekeeper needs to know.  Clicking on these titles will open up a Google Drive folder where we will keep information pertinent to the module:

Module 1 – Honey Bee Management

Module 2 – Honey Bee Products and Forage

Module 3 – Honey Bee Pests, Diseases and Poisoning

Module 5 – Honey Bee Biology

Module 6 – Honey Bee Behaviour

Module 7 – Selection and Breeding of Honey bees

Module 8 – Honey Bee Management, Health and History

We’re running a series of self help workgroup sessions for those interested in learning from the modules.  Please contact out Education Secretary for more details.

Winter Modules

Summer Modules

Further Information

More information on the modules and the learning opportunity can be found at the Bucks County Beekeepers, BBKA