Here at Chalfonts Beekeepers we’re committed to improving the beekeeping knowledge.  Click here to see a summary of our education programme.

Beginners Course

If you are wanting to become a Beekeeper, or just want to know more about the life of the bee and Beekeeper check out our annual Beginners Course, expertly run by our Education Secretary.  Click here to see more details or contact our Education Secretary for information of book your place on our next course.

Ongoing Education

Together with the BBKA we provide opportunities and support for ongoing education from Basic Assessment through to Master Beekeeper.  If you’d like to learn more click here.

Beekeeping Books

Come and join us and you’ll be able to access the vast knowledge resource we have in our Library.  Take a look here at our catalogue.  If you’re looking to buy a book on beekeeping then our list of Beekeeping Booksellers may be useful, especially to locate those hard to find out of print books.

Beekeeping Equipment

Beekeepers use a selection of specialist equipment, lots of which has strange names.  We’re building a section of this website that will be dedicated to explaining these, how to choose a ‘good’ one and identifying places where you can obtain them.  Click here for more details.