Beginners Equipment List

Our Trading Secretary Mike Walters keeps stock of common bee-keeping equipment, and because of our bulk buying power we are able to offer a discount to the normal retail prices.  Here’s a list of what we hold in stock, and if you contact Mike or Mary Chris, they will be able to furnish you with prices too.


Gabled Roof
Roof – 4″
Roof – 6″
Crown Board
Lifts (One needed for each Super)
Zinc Queen Excluder- short slot
Herzog Queen Excluder – Wired – Framed
Brood Box
Lift with Porch for brood box
Varroa Open Mesh Floor
Entrance Slides


Comm Deep Frames
Comm Shallow Frames
DN4 (14×8) and SN4 (14×5) Frames (Hoffman)
DN1 (14×8) and SN1 (14×5) Frames
14 x 12 Frames

Foundation National – Deep Wired               (14 x 8)
Foundation National – Deep Unwired            (14 x 8)
Foundation National – Shallow. Wired           (14 x 5)
Foundation National – Shallow. Unwired        (14 x 5)
Foundation Commercial – Deep Wired        (16 x 10)
Foundation Commercial – Deep Unwired     (16 x 10)
Foundation Commercial – Shallow Wired      (16 x 5)

Foundation National – Wired  14 x 12
Foundation National – Thin Unwired              (14 x 5)
Frame Pins (Packet) 3/4″
Frame Pins (Packet) 3/8″


Marker Paint
Marker Pen
Queen Catcher – Clip Type
Queen Catcher – Plunger
Queen Marker cage- Turn & Mark
Queen Marking Cage (press-in)
Queen Puzzle Cage
Excluder Queen Cage
Ventilated Queen Cage
Cell Protector (spring type)

Pollen Guide from Thornes
Pollen Guide from IBRA


Porter Bee Escapes
Metal Runners – Pair
Castellated Spacers 9, 10 & 11 Slot – Pair
Plastic Ends – Narrow Pair
Plastic Ends – Wide Pair
Hoffman Converters x 1PR


Bee Brush
Hive Tool   S.Steel
Hive Tool  ‘J’ type
Hive Tool and Frame Lifter Heavy Duty
Addis Container for Hive Tools
Smoker Galvanised (empire)
Smoker Copper (empire) Large
Smoker Copper (empire)
Smoker S.Steel (empire)
Smoker S.Steel (empire) with Guard
Smoker Fuel  Grass Pellets
Smoker Cartridge x 10
Uncapping Fork Cranked
Uncapping Fork Plastic
Corkscrew Mixer
Double Strainer S/S