Bees In My House

Most beekeepers will collect swarms in the open, or on the outside of buildings.  Once the bees enter the structure of the building things get complicated.  It requires specialist knowledge; about how bees build their homes, and how your home is built.  Click Here to Read More.

Not all Pest Control companies are competent, or even willing, to help you with bees that have entered the structure of your home.  One that we can recommend is Paul Bryant of A Bee Pest Control.  Paul is also a member of our society and frequently works with other beekeepers to rescue the bees, and rehome them elsewhere.

Paul is based in Chalfont St. Giles in Buckinghamshire ( Post code HP8 4HW)

So if you have a problem with bees inside the structure of your house then give Paul a ring, and know that you are getting a competent and trustworthy company giving you the best advice and the bees the best chance of a new life.

Paul Bryant

A Bee Pest Control

Mobile: 07734 299117

LoCall: 0845 034 4918