2010 Beekeepers Education Programme

Here’s a brief summary of our education programme in 2010.

Beginners’ Course

36 people enrolled in the Beginners’ Course which began in February. Several of them brought family or friends with them. Some of the previous year’s beginners also came along to the meetings. Usually there were 40 to 50 people present at the meetings. Of the 36 2 dropped out immediately, one of them actually moved away. 20 have actually got bees and have started beekeeping, some them managed to take off honey this year. Another 10 hope to get their equipment ready over the winter and hope to start beekeeping next year. As a society we are very pleased with this result.

Basic Assessment

10 beekeepers took the Basic assessment and passed it. Well done!


We had a group of 11 people with 2 from High Wycombe as a self help group with Beulah keeping an eye on us and helping us out studying Units 1 & 2. Not everyone took the exams. Of those who did 6 passed Module 1 – 3 with credit; 6 passed Module 2 – 4 with distinction and one with credit.

Next year those who wish will be studying Modules 3 & 5. Anyone wishing to take Modules 1 & 2 can either  set a self help group, join High Wycombe as associate members for Module 1 or take a correspondence course.

If there are any queries about the Education programme please contact Mary Chris.